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You may benefit from seeing a health professional whose skills compliment chiropractic care
  • Peak Wellness Center
    Dr. Megan Reed.
    817 Perry Rd Apex, NC 27502
    Apex, NC 27502
    Web Site
    Peak Wellness & Chiropractic is a hands-on chiropractic practice in Apex, North Carolina offering professional, safe and effective chiropractic care for all ages and injuries.

  • Acupuncture and Wellness Center
    Cindi Fox Kemp, DOM, L.Ac.
    930 SE Cary Parkway, Ste.104
    Cary, NC 27518
    Web Site
    Acupuncture is a form of medicine that realigns and balances the energy systems of the body. Oriental Medicine recognizes 14 main meridian pathways in the body through which energy, or Qi , flows. Obstruction of these pathways may be due to injury, lack of movement, deficiencies, or excess of dietary intake. Cindi uses tiny needles to help restore balance to the body and is very effective in treatment of stress, allergies, pain, dizziness, fatigue, and many other conditions.

  • Avante Physical Therapy
    Rex Surgery Center Building
    1505 SW Cary Parkway, Ste. 304
    Cary, NC 27511
    Web Site
    Avante Physical Therapy focuses on manual therapy with goals to reduce pain, restore normal movement and function, and improve strength, stability, and flexibility. In some cases it is necessary to combine chiropractic with physical therapy to help increase overall function and management of a condition, especially with chronic conditions where a lot of groundwork is necessary to achieve changes, as well as with acute conditions such as motor vehicle collision where tissues have been torn and neuro-motor control is lost.

  • Cary Holistic Health
    Maggie Thibodeau, BA, ND
    222 Ashville Avenue, Suite 10
    Cary, NC 27518
    Web Site
    Many patients are unaware of what a Naturopathic Physician is and how they could benefit from this form of treatment. Naturopathic Medicine focuses on holistic and nontoxic approaches to therapy with a strong emphasis on disease prevention and optimizing wellness The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. These physicians complete a 4-year degree with education in clinical nutrition, acupuncture, homeopathic medicine, botanical medicine, psychology, and counseling.."

  • Cary Diagnostic Radiology
    101 SW Cary Parkway, Suite 40
    Cary, NC 27511
    We utilize Cary Diagnostic Radiology for advanced imaging such as MRI. If Dr. Cassese refers you to them for an advance image, our office will provide a referral form to have them set up an appointment that works best with your schedule and they will verify all insurance benefits.

  • Access Healthcare
    Brian Forrest, MD
    Apex Medical Park
    1031 W. Williams St.
    Apex, NC 27502
    Web Site
    Dr. Forrest is a primary care provider whose office is a cash-based practice. They do not accept insurance, so if you do not have insurance they reduce their cost for office visits so that healthcare is more affordable and available to all.

  • Yoga Garden
    101 E. Chatham St.
    Apex, NC 27502
    Web Site
    The Yoga Garden is a cozy studio and RYS Teacher Training School nestled in the heart of downtown Apex. Dr. Cassese teaches Power Flow Saturdays at 11:30am.

  • Life Time Fitness
    Web Site
    Dr. Cassese currently teaches yoga Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm at the Apex location.

We hope that you will find our health partners to be a good compliment to your chiropractic care